Enrolment education for new students of 2020- “Gengdan and the world”

Release time:2020-10-21 10:39:54

In order to let the new students of class 2020 understand the international exchange and overseas programs of Gengdan Institute, in the evening of October 12 and 13, Mr. Zhu Jiangyi and Ms. Han Xi of international office gave lectures on the theme of “Gengdan and The World" to 2020 freshmen.


Before the lecture began, student assistants of International Office distributed "International Edition" folders and signature pens to all freshmen at the entrance of Gengdan lecture hall. The assistants also guide students to follow the Wechat official account of International Office and get the information about the overseas programs.




At the lecture, the two teachers introduced the four aspects of department responsibility, overseas exchange big data, overseas exchange projects and global study planning, which gave the students the fully understand about the current situation and achievements of BGD’s international development.


In order to better understand the needs and suggestions of freshmen in class 2020, two teachers organized students to fill out questionnaires. The International Office will make a comprehensive report to the whole teachers and students of BGD later, and will continue to provide more high-quality international resources for the students in the future work.