International Office held a series of seminar about Double-Degree courses of UK universities

Release time:2020-11-2 15:07:37

In order to make students fully understand BGD's overseas programs, and make four years of global study plan, the International Office held the new semester "BGD and the World" series of lectures. This week we invited teachers from the China Office of three UK universities to attend seminar.


Oct 10th was the explanation session of De Montfort University, mainly focused on the Double –Degree program. Ms. Song of DMU China office emphasized the city where it’s located and the teaching resources it has. In her words, choosing a school is not only about the school itself, but also about the city and the lifestyle you want to explore. At last, Ms. Song showed a video about where De Montfort University is based.


On Oct 14th, Ms. Guo from China office of University of Hull came to the school for a presentation. She mainly introduced the Hull city's long history and city scenery, University of Hull’s ranking, reputation and the university's colorful campus activities. She mainly focused on the qualification for applying the Double-Degree, she also encouraged students to obtain all kinds of information, use the resources that school provides in order to broaden their own horizon, and enrich lives of their own.


Oct 15th Ms. Gong from University of Gloucestershire introduced the university’s top major and some of the major that students mainly interested in, she also introduced scholarship and the cost for studying aboard, students have more understanding about the whole process.

The International Office hopes to help students get more information and make more rational choices when they planning their study goals.